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Necrosis Review

by Alex Henderson

In Scandinavia, death metal/black metal bands come and go; many of the Nordic death metal combos that were formed in the late '80s or early '90s were long gone by the time the 21st century arrived. But Cadaver turned out to be one of the more enduring names in Scandinavian death metal; the Norwegian outfit was formed in 1988 and celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2004. Of course, Cadaver wasn't together continuously during those 16 years; Cadaver broke up in 1993 and was reunited as Cadaver Inc. (a name they've since dropped) six years later in 1999. So technically, they had only been together ten years in 2004, not 16 -- and let's not forget that the band has had its share of lineup changes along the way. Regardless, Cadaver's work has maintained a small but enthusiastic group of cult followers, who will be happy to know that their 2004 lineup -- Ole Jørgen Moe (aka Apollyon) on lead vocals and bass, L.J. Balvaz, and Anders Odden (aka Neddo) on guitar, and Carl-Michael Eide (also known as Czral or Agressor) on drums -- is in good form on Necrosis. This CD isn't grindcore, but rather exemplifies the style that has come to be known as "technical death metal"; in other words, the musicians demonstrate that they can actually play their instruments (which isn't always a given in death metal), and aren't intimidated by frequent tempo changes. That isn't to say that Necrosis is truly melodic; Cadaver still goes for the jugular, and they are characteristically harsh and ferocious throughout the album. Ultimately, Necrosis is about sledgehammer bombast rather than musicality (not that the two are mutually exclusive), and the Norwegians are still exhilarating if one fancies the nastier, more punishing and abrasive styles of metal. This decent, if less than stellar, release lets us know that after 16 years, Cadaver is showing no signs of mellowing.

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