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Necronomitron Review

by Rick Anderson

The band name is one tip-off, and the song titles are another ("Small Field of Death," "Blod Clot Guts," "Large Field of Death," "Broken Glass for Dinner," etc.). Yes, they're a death metal band, but with a difference: a sense of humor, for one thing, which you can discern from the fact that the unidentified singer sounds like a parody of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson (death metal guys who don't have a sense of humor tend to sound like Cookie Monster with gastric reflux). The other difference is that their chops are a bit subpar, which separates them from their similarly inclined labelmates Lightning Bolt. The riffs on this album are all very fast and hard and tight, but none of them are very interesting, and the rhythmic changeups are all pretty pedestrian as well. There's nothing wrong with being loud and tuneless, as long as you've got something else to offer, but Necronomitron isn't offering much more than volume, density, tightness, and speed. Take it from someone who's been giggling along with bands of this type for years: death metal can be lots more fun than this.

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