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Necromance Review

by Blake Butler

Sunshine is a band who melds the stylings of new wave, punk, and shoegaze into some strange hybrid of textures, loops, synth, and waves of sounds that fit together in a semblance of perfection. From the Czech Republic, their status as entities somehow foreign to the United States makes sense in what they create. They sound like they are from somewhere else. Everything fits where it should. Necromance is the culmination of these ideas, a record of the most affecting phenomenon; even after you are done you feel like you are still listening to it. Durations get lost in the meantime. Something is urgent here, subdued under heavy waves. Names could be thrown out with relatable elements, such as the Faint, the Cure, the Rapture, and the Birthday Party, but nothing really works. Influences and textures are so well melded that they become their own magic, their own Necromance.

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