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My Pal God Holiday Record

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The My Pal God Holiday Record collects a surprising number of seasonally themed tracks: there's a 1981 single by the Law; C-Clamp covers the Pretenders' "2000 Miles"; Sarge covers Wham's "Last Christmas"; Lullaby for the Working Class provides a "Utilitarian Christmas Jingle"; Lustre King contributes an amusingly funky "Back Door Santa"; Atom and His Package explain how Jews use Christmas to plan out their mythical conspiracies in "What WE Do On Christmas"; and tracks from the Goblins, Sean Na Na, Crucial Youth, We Ragazzi, Sweep the Leg Johnny, and others appear as well. The variety of the tracks tends to work against the record, making it seem more like a scattered collection than an overview of a particular scene, but the compilation is still a little bit more vital than most.