Lindsay Custodio

My First

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In 1996, Philippine artist Lindsay Custodio released her debut album, appropriately titled My First. The music is dominated by passionate, easy-listening love songs -- a style of music perpetually in demand in the Philippines. Custodio has a pleasant voice, though it doesn't contain much depth or particularly expressive power. On this album she sings comfortably in the middle to low register, and she doesn't stray out of her range. In addition, the unchallenging material doesn't place much demands on her. One of the nicer songs is "Of All the Things," which includes an acoustic guitar lick and a piano figure reminiscent of that in Elton John's 1970 hit "Your Song." Many of the tracks on My First seem cut from the same easy-listening mold, though "A Fool for Now" offers a searing electric guitar solo and a melodic hook that catches one's attention as well. One song that definitely breaks the mold is the upbeat and funky "May Singsing Ba?" (trans: Is There a Ring?) with its soulful guitar and horn figures (the horns are most likely synthesized). Custodio does a creditable job here, though she could be a bit more relaxed. There are a few spots where she has trouble staying on key and her voice wavers, most noticeably on "Malay Mo" (trans: Maybe) and also on "May Singsing Ba?" and "Sana Nga (Ikaw Na) (trans: I Hope [It's You]). My First is pleasant, but unremarkable fare.