The Exploited

Beat the Bastards

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Still thriving on the same venomous punk metal they helped create 15 years before, the Exploited come off as the angry old grandfathers of hardcore. After years of influencing other bands, it is almost refreshing to see them still making stronger music than many of the bands that have come and gone in their lifetime. Tracks like "System F**ked Up" have the same chugging riffs and gruff vocals of old, but inject a heavy production style reminiscent of S.O.D. or Suicidal Tendencies. In fact, those are two accurate comparisons for anyone unfamiliar with the Exploited; they have the same biting irony and unhappy attitude that those two groups are known for. The major difference is that the Exploited are definitely more straightforward and hateful, something that does not always work for them. The music is always game for that sort of lyrics, but through the album it becomes apparent that they could use a sense of humor. By the time songs like "Massacre of Innocents" roll around, the album becomes more about the sound of the music and the lyrics become less of an issue. But despite the problems with the lyrics, this is otherwise a very entertaining and angry album that shows a 15-year-old group displaying talent and energy far beyond most of its younger peers.

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