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Too Gangsta for Radio

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This post-2 Pac, post-Dr. Dre, and post-Snoop Dogg Death Row roster finds executive producer Suge Knight in playah-hating mode, aiming countless bitter jokes at Dre, Snoop, and Eminem. Sure, this sort of player hating was tolerable back in the early '90s when NWA dissed Ice Cube, Dre dissed Eazy-E, and Eazy-E dissed Dre, but by the end of the 1990s, this sort of juvenile behavior just seems ridiculous. And, besides, the fact that Knight and his Death Row label had seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth makes this sort of behavior seem even more ridiculous. Who do they think is one their side? Death Row hadn't done anything substantial after 2 Pac's All Eyez on Me, expect to pose as an important label when they were actually nothing by a corpse of a once-important label. It's sad to see Knight still trying to bank off archived 2 Pac vocals (just let the poor guy rest in peace) and then spending half the album doing whatever he can to dis his past associates. Besides the few 2 Pac remnants and way out-of-place Ja Rule and Ruff Ryders tracks, there isn't anything on this album worthy of note; it's mostly a bunch of second-rate rappers and derivative production, and even the aforementioned tracks of note are poor. Hopefully when no one even manages to notice this album, Knight will finally realize that Death Row circa 2000 is a mockery of its once glorious self.

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