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Musique Intemporelle

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A trio of artists are featured on this CD/LP release. There are three compositions by Rolf Trostel, two by Mario Schonwalder, and one by Bernd Kistenmacher. Rolf Trostel's pieces appear to be all sequencered and based on a classical style of music. While classical music played on synthesizers usually sounds lifeless, Rolf's music has a feel that's simple, light and works well. His music could use a little loosening up so it flows a little smoother and adds some human emotional feel. Mario Schonwalder contributes a long piece titled "Force Down." This one is better than the material on his first solo release titled Eye of the Chameleon. It starts out with a long spacey opening with percussion added later and is excellent. His second piece is like the style of Harold Budd's "The White Arcades" but is nowhere near as subdued. Like "...Arcades", it is a simple repetitive piano solo with lots of ambient sounds being generated. The Kistenmacher piece outshines all of the others for power and listener involvement. It is almost a pure Klaus Schulze soundalike, but it is excellent and well thought out in structure. Like the middle to late 70's Schulze sound, the music runs 18+ minutes. Schulze himself could not have made it better. The music starts out dark and spacey. After about 5 minutes, the percussion is slowly brought up and filled out with lush synthesizers. Each artist has their music interspaced by the other's work so no one artist has two pieces played back to back. This variation in the sequence of songs and styles of composition make this a real good acquisition. I recommend it highly.