Nik Tyndall

Musik zur Entspannung

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The title of this 1988 anthology of 11 tracks from Nik Tyndall's earlier albums (some in re-recorded form) translates as "Music for Relaxation," and indeed, Nik Tyndall is the point at which the ambient side of German progressive music turns once and for all into new age. Tyndall's '80s records are on the redoubtable German label Sky, home of Cluster, early Tangerine Dream, and many other classic Krautrock groups, but while Tyndall is clearly coming from the same tradition, his music dispenses almost entirely with beats and melody, leaving only the atmospheric synth washes, occasional bits of piano, and, in some cases, bits of found sound and environmental recordings. These are not as well-integrated as they might be -- the burbling brook and bird songs in "Neue Dimensionen" are mixed so loudly that they're actually terribly annoying -- but luckily, they're not overused, either. Neither so ambient as to be invisible nor particularly melodically or harmonically engaging, much of Musik zur Entspannung just sort of exists. However, the best tracks, such as "Sounds of Silence" (not the Simon & Garfunkel song, obviously) and "Sehnsucht," might be of interest to Roedelius fans.