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Musicworks #70

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An intriguing collection of world music influenced acoustic compositions including:John Luther Adams' "The Place Where You Go To Listen" and "Drums of Winter" (the two opening sections from an evening-length work "Earth and the Great Weather: A Sonic Geography of the Arctic 1990-93) for strings and percussion and two Iñupiat Eskimo performers; Lee Pui Ming's "Aflame in Song (Trio for Pipa, Piano and Percussion)" (1996); Claude Schryer's "Alto" (first movement of "Marche sonore I: Le matin du monde [The morning of the world]) (1992), "RWSP MW70" (excerpt from "Revisiting the World Soundscape Project") (1993), "Sagesse" (from "Au dernier vivant les biens" (1997), "Transportacion" (3rd movement of "El medio ambiente acustico de Mexico) (1996), and "Industry" (4th movement of "Vancouver Soundscape Revisited") (1996)...Schryer's "Sound Letter II" which can be performed by the listener using the random or shuffle mode of a typical audio CD player is also included as a separate CD in this issue of Musicworks; Claude Schryer and Claude Langlois "Prologue" (1st movement of "Musique de l'Odyssée sonore") (1996); Hélène Prévost and Claude Schryer's "Autour d'une musique portuaire" (1997) for baritone sax, trombone and bass clarinet; Barbara Pentland's "Canticum, Burlesca and Finale" (1987) for piano; and Pauline Oliveros' "Duo for Accordion and Bandoneon with Possible Mynah Bird Obbligato (See-saw Version)" (1964) with Pauline Oliveros on accordion, David Tudor on bandoneon, and Ahmed the Mynah bird.