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Music of the World's Peoples, Vol. 1

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Volume 1 parades one fascinating style after another in superb performances. Selections include a catchy girl's chorus from Madagascar; an Irish dance virtuosically played on uileann pipes; medieval Greek Orthodox choral music from Soviet Georgia; a Greek shepherd's lively home-made clarinet; the ethereal voice and percussion of Japanese Gagaku; highly unusual arrhythmic Nigerian vocal and drum music; the keening expressive slides and ornaments of the Indian shanai (double-reed pipe), esraj (bowed strings), and jalatarang (tuned bowls); a quaint French dance played on accordion; a sassy Gypsy folk song; shimmering Balinese gamelan; a sinuous Arabic dance; kinetic Tahitian chanting; the rich, guttural prayer singing of Tibet; lithe banjo picking by a Tennessee mountaineer; a near-operatic Icelandic vocalist; and a languorous Flamenco lament.