Taku Unami

Music for Whitenoise

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Recorded a scant three days after his lovely Electronics Solo, Music for Whitenoise finds Taku Unami back behind the controls of some undefined electronic equipment but investigating a different, though adjacent, area of the sonic spectrum. As the title implies, the sounds generated are less of the brief swatches of noise and more flowing and simmering yards of abstract, fuzzy hisses. It's almost as though he's operating some contraption with steam valve releases of various diameters and force, opening and closing them with intuitive rhythm and supplementing the vents with the occasional deep rumble from an underground cistern. As on the prior session, the success of Unami's gambit rests on his precise choices in the placement and selection of sounds, the balancing of noise and quiet, and the texturing of multiple levels and depths of "white noise." That he's not only able to sustain interest in such a rarefied atmosphere but also to induce a sense of wonder in the listener is testament to his great talent at sonic construction. Not as severe as one might expect, Music for Whitenoise can actually prove quite accommodating, even exhilarating. Recommended.