Lady J

Music For The Soul

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First and foremost all should know that Lady J is an excellent vocalist. Her representation on the album does not always do her talent justice. Music for the Soul may be music for the soul but it is weak in soulful presentation. The best advice for Lady J would be to get a "real" band together and watch her career blossom. Lady J has some impressive vocal abilities and "Some Day" displays her talents as she carries the melody with great vocal expression. The music has a pre-recorded (canned) feel, as if the music was recorded in one session and then the vocals were added in a later session.. On "Planets Rockin'" an effort is made to create a more electrified effect, but somehow it comes off only half energized.. "Images Of You" serves well to show the vocal abilities and talent that Lady J has. The presentation is in a school recital format, piano accompaniment and vocals, which works well to display talent but is weak in originality. Greater strengths are shown in two closing tracks which merit a close listen. On "Way I Feel" there is some of the best material found on the album, the music molds with the vocals. The nuances are present and the structure of the song is easily followed. The melody is catchy and has a real charisma. "Believe" is another catchy number with a slow grooving beat and a Blues-Rock melody. Lady J shines brightly on "Believe" and the backup musicians have found the groove that has been missing. The album has three tunes that stand out above the others, some might consider that enough to hunt down a copy of the album. The album does have good vocals and does merit an examination for those in deep need of Music for the Soul.

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