Simon H. Fell

Music for 10(0) (Symphony for 10 Improvisers & Poet, Op. 28, Version No. 1)

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Perhaps there is ignorance on the part of the reviewer. Perhaps there is some element of his hearing missing. But honestly, all that he can hear in these "11 Movements" are pauses in free-blowing noise with mere changes in dynamics to signal them. This poetic text is a fraud of self-congratulatory cultural observance. This is, for this entire reviewer's aforementioned, self-confessed ignorance, the most decrepit and bankrupt of all the British "jazz" recordings. With all the soloing, ever more "out" to bring the rest of this large band into the stratospheric heights of pretension and waste, there is simply no "there" in the there of this "composition." An arts council funded this "work"; it wasted its money. These guys probably frank it at the pub or bought themselves new clothes or something. One last word of warning for the future: beware the words "symphony for ten improvisers." Art for art's sake is fine, but it can still be crap dressed up in art's clothing. Guess which this is?

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