Church of Misery

Murder Company E.P.

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Two songs don't usually an EP make, but when those songs last in the eight-minute range and when the band in question is Japan's Church of Misery (known for keeping their releases compact, but frequent), conventions can easily become blurred. And, indeed, breaking with conventions is what these underground favorites have always been about, with their too-long-for-radio, too-heavy-for-puny-humans, stoner rock/doom dirges dedicated to, of all things, serial killers! This EP's title track (about Henry Lee Lucas) and B-side "Son of a Gun" (about David Berkowitz, better known as "The Son of Sam") are both excellent examples of this twisted philosophy, and won't disappoint fans of either Church of Misery, or good quality doom. [Both songs from the Murder Company EP were later repackaged into 2004's very practical, double-disc Early Works Compilation CD.]