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Multiples is a very satisfying free improv session between violin and viola player Ernesto Rodrigues, cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, and percussionist José Oliveira. The album is dedicated to John Stevens, and obviously the three musicians have paid attention to his music, along with contemporary additions to the Emanem catalog. Both string players use extended techniques and incorporate silence in their playing, sounding closer in spirit to Phil Durrant, Phil Wachsmann, Mark Wastell, or Charlotte Hug than their compadre, Carlos Zingaro. They must have been playing together for a while, because the telepathic link between the two of them is exemplary; they listen acutely to each other's input and can decide to explore a very thin sonic texture or instead break into a spontaneous melody, all with great coordination. Oliveira uses a wide assortment of bells, cymbals, and junks, only occasionally hitting skins. Using a feather touch, he deposits impressionistic colors on the musical canvas. Multiples consists of 28 short pieces -- from 50 seconds to four minutes. Some were performed this way, others seem to have been edited out of larger chunks of music. This rapid succession of sharp ideas can be tiresome, but it works well nonetheless. Cutting-edge free improv from a place listeners hear too little about, this album will surprise many a listener.