Marcus Pereira

Música Popular do Nordeste, Vol. 1

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This historic recording is the first part of an important four-volume documentation of the popular music of Northeast Brazil,Música Popular do Nordeste. It was conceptualized and realized by the producer, Marcus Pereira, through his Discos Marcus Pereira, which also produced several other recordings devoted to the preservation of Brazilian music. The Quinteto Violado was charged with the research for the whole series, also participating as a supporting group. This first volume brings the lively rhythm of the frevo in its varied styles (frevo-canção; frevo de rua, with original arrangements performed by the Banda Municipal do Recife; frevo de bloco; and even the unprejudiced frevo elétrico, or electric frevo, performed by the Trio Elétrico Tapajós) and the most important composers in this genre (Nelson Ferreira, Capiba, Irmãos Valença, João Santiago, Luís Gonzaga de Figueiredo, Ademir Araújo, Geraldo Santos, and Luís Bandeira). While the artistic merits of the singer Zélia Barbosa and the quality of the recording process may be questioned, this is a fundamental piece of research, and a winner of the most important prizes of its period (Estácio de Sá, granted by the Image and Sound Museum of Rio de Janeiro, and Noel Rosa, from the Association of Press Critics of São Paulo).