Mr. Hood


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Mr. Hood Review

by John Dougan

K.M.D. are young...and fairly politically astute...Passionate and fired-up, K.M.D.'s political aggression is founded on black nationalism. As with peers the Jungle Bros., Queen Latifah, etc., their raps strike a strong balance between simple hectoring, reason, and flat-out parody...The recurring motif is "Mr. Hood," a dullard who appears via samples from what seems to be some kind of instructional record, clipped straight out of the Ozzie and Harriet storybook. K.M.D. drops mini-verbal assaults and samples that offer a context wherein Mr. Hood's "Proclamations" are rendered ludicrous...Yet for all the playfulness and urgency this disc radiates, there is still something simplistic about its rhetoric...

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8 KMD 03:55 SpotifyAmazon
9 KMD 05:35 SpotifyAmazon
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