Coyote Poets of the Universe

Movin' to the Moment

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AllMusic Review by Stewart Mason

If the band name (actually, they're more of a loose-knit collective than a proper band) isn't the first clue, then the fact that Coyote Poets of the Universe refer to their music -- more than once -- as "Jambient World Bop" should tip you off. Imagine being stuck at the back of a terribly long queue for the registers at your local mega bookstore, so far at the back that you're next to the band that's playing in the café, and pinned in by the people behind you in line so that you can't just ditch your purchases and walk out. That's what listening to Movin' to the Moment is like. The poetry (no, they're not kidding about the name; they're really poets -- of a sort) is uniformly unbearably pretentious, and is declaimed in a fashion that suggests long listening sessions to Gil Scott-Heron and Ken Nordine, but with little of their subtlety and wit. The music is polite acid jazz with world and electronica influences that takes inoffensiveness to new heights. The whole thing is basically unbearable.

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