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While Huxtable, aka Aural Imbalance, emerged from a hip-hop background, Parkinson earned his name as a producer in the electronic music arena. Pooling their talents together under the moniker Inner-vation, the ten tracks featured on Movements are nothing less than an elongated, atmospheric vision quest. At its best, that's exactly what drum 'n' bass is supposed to achieve. "Inverse Nebula" opens the LP with ominous, rich basslines which are eventually accompanied with an upbeat cacophony of snare and cymbals. From then on out, until "Dream Reality," the last track, the myopic imagery of this collection of outland melodies might take the form of anything from long-legged Haute Couture models hip-swaying their way down a Parisian runway in slow motion, to traveling water rolling and splashing its way through time and space on an infinite journey to nowhere. You get the picture. Just turn on the spigot, press play, and step into the tub.