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On the 23-track Morse/Gaudylight, New Zealand's Alastair Galbraith offers up a collection of previously released tracks and one new track, "Cranes." The disc compiles the 1991 Gaudylight single and the 1992 Morse album. Both were originally released on Philadelphia's Siltbreeze Records, but this disc was released on the Emperor Jones label. Galbraith's sparse lo-fi instrumentation is blended with his stretched-out vocals to create a haunting and eclectic sound throughout the album. The disc begins with the echoing and experimental "Screaming E," which is followed by the acoustic strum of "Time Please." Like the multicolored artwork on the disc, the music is varied and refreshing. Much of the music is reminiscent of New Zealand artists like Peter Jefferies, Tall Dwarves, and the Clean. It's also similar to Cardinal, or some of the earlier Smog and Sebadoh recordings. The sloppy nature of some of instrumentation and the songs' lo-fi sound add to the homemade allure of his music, according to fans. The feedback on "Bone Idle" continues the feedback trend that is experimented with on much of the disc. The music is often moody and atmospheric, creating an ambient and generally low-key feeling to the songs. On the new song, "Cranes," Galbraith puts his best foot forward, layering instruments with his vocals in a potpourri of audio exercises. The poppy guitar and violin make "As in a Blender" one of the catchiest songs on the disc. Galbraith recruited Jefferies, David Saunders, Brian Jones, and others to perform on various songs on the album. Morse/Gaudylight was released in 1996.

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