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This is a strange 7" EP by German artist Jan Iwers, going by the moniker No (not to be confused with the God Is My Co-Pilot side project by the same name). Moongoon features three widely different pieces. "Moongoon" is an obscure ten-minute sound art exploration. Through long stretches of silence, a tune comes in and out of focus, often standing at the threshold of audibility. Close inspection reveals it to be a severely filtered recording of a band jamming over the solo section of Pink Floyd's "Money." It is drenched in spacy keyboards, but one can make out the chord sequence and the unmistakable bass part. The flip side begins with "Our Little Secret," a Spartan piece of glitchy electronics, clicks and hums breaking up the silence. "Verlust" is a deceptively simple piano solo. Does it all make sense? Does it have to? Moongoon is a puzzling offering, left-field of the dark ambient/noise territory this label usually explores.