Moondog 2

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In contrast to his self-titled 1969 album, which consisted of full orchestral interpretations of Moondog works (and which included relatively little in the way of performance by Moondog himself), this 1971 album was devoted to minimally arranged madrigals, rounds, and canons. Only acoustic instruments were used; the harpsichord was the most prominent, but there were also recorder, celeste, piano, and guitar. Moondog and his daughter June achieved choral effects through overdubbing, and repetitive, shaking percussion formed the rhythmic basis. The uplifting melodies, as well as the light-of-heart, whimsical execution, give this an innocuous but not sappy feel, yet there's still enough eccentricity to attract the experimental crowd. It does get a bit maddening over the course of 26 rounds. The album is now available on the CD reissue of the 1969 Moondog LP, which adds Moondog 2 in its entirety and manages to fit both works onto a single disc.