Ramona Wulf

Mood to Mood

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A somewhat incongruous late-'80s attempt by the former Silver Convention coquette to join the Madonna-led troupe of lightweight dance-pop divas, Mood to Mood manages to reach a comfortable point by its second side. The first side is primarily wasted on repetitious and routine -- both lyrically and musically -- up-tempo jaunts like "Come to Me" and "Shock of Love." Ramona (who dropped the "Wulf" for her last two solo albums) doesn't have the strongest pipes on the block, but on earlier efforts she had proven herself capable of adapting to a variety of musical settings -- wherein the material itself was stronger. Here, the songs are apparently not motivating to her, either, as she sounds sleepy and droning on a number of them. However, the B-side tracks "Take Me Back," "The Touch of Love," and "In Your Fantasies" are saving graces. With catchy, percolating synth tracks and ingratiating melodies to back her, Wulf sounds sprightly and appealing on these tunes. "The Touch of Love," in particular, was hip to Paula Abdul's brand of horn-infested, bubblegum pop before it came to the forefront in 1989. Also notable is the closing title track, which is a, well, moody ballad that was ahead of its time with a clever "chillout" sound. Considering the rarity of this German-only release, Mood to Mood is worth picking up and skipping over its mostly bland first side for the treats in store on the second -- if you can find it, that is.