Brandon Evans

Misterka Death March & Day of the Persuasive Presence

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Brandon Evans is a saxophonist who dips into the past but blasts his way into an unknown future. Like a skydiver, Evans' saxophone risks his very essence with every improvisation: He takes chances that few are willing to stomach. Here, he performs two duos with the equally revolutionary Seth Misterka. The two saxophonists smash walls of tradition to create exciting new constructs. The first piece, "Misterka Death March," is a dirge featuring the saxophonists with occasional electronics. The slow pace never bogs down, and the static quality fails to negate the original quality of the piece. The second track, "Day of the Persuasive Presence," written by Evans for two saxes and tape, allows these two creative performers to lock horns for an extended interplay. Misterka and Evans are independent, unheralded young lions who, substantially on their own, without the backing of major labels, have helped to redefine and expand the jazz convention. This recording, while short (less than 35 minutes) and a bit raw, is nonetheless a fine example of the vitality of improvisational creativity at the turn of the century.