Mirror Mirror


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Mirror Mirror Review

by Bradley Torreano

Shock rappers Twiztid always had a bit of an advantage over their mentors, the Insane Clown Posse. Where the Posse is more about emphasizing their own importance and toughness, Twiztid comes off as a Marilyn Manson-inspired duo of angst-filled rappers who are more frustrated with their place in the world. Making music that is hopelessly offensive and immature, the duo still manages to touch on a few subjects that make them somewhat relevant. Songs like "CNT" are teenage anthems that actually have more than a passing similarity to the juggalos' hated foe, Eminem. Although they lack his insight and cleverness, they craft an equally unhappy and blunt image of disaffected youth, they just simplify it and make it more teen-oriented. Despite the fact that few outside of the juggalo cult will give this a chance, this might be one of the most accurate portrayals of the mood of most unhappy young people in 2002. The last track, "Your the Reazon," is one of the few songs in the Psychopathic Records catalog that actually shows some sort of positive message toward their fans, emphasizing how little popularity and political correctness should matter in comparison to showing loyalty toward friends. To make such a mature statement on a record that contains one of the filthiest rap songs ever written ("Dirty Lil Girl") only goes to show why this music is so important to their hardcore fans. This is hard to recommend to anyone outside of that fan base, but to dedicated fans this is one of the best albums to ever spew forth from the Detroit label.

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