Speedranch^Jansky Noise


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With its succinct sleeve notes belying the benefits of turbulence, and the first few minutes of Janksy Noise Migrate more a schizophrenic perusing long wave with a radio missing an aerial than anything aurally describable, it is clear from the get go that the Noise boys have dialled in a particularly difficult sophomore listen from their Warrington sound bunker. Indeed, when something discernible does emerge from the mist of white noise and distortion which dominates much of the album, it is clutched onto for dear life -- these split seconds of clarity grabbed with the metaphorical white knuckles with which one would hold onto a buoyancy aid in the middle of a squally Atlantic. It isn't all crunch and grind, with orchestral interludes belying an intimacy and emotiveness which distinguish Paul Richard and Andy Macgregor from so many of their IDM contemporaries.