Meet You There

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Meet You There Review

by Chris Nickson

A new Oysterband is always a bit of an event, and this one's no exception. Whether they're really a folk band of any description these days is a matter of opinion. The influence is there, but the music is really rock, made with intelligence and political awareness for an audience that likes to think as it dances. Although much of this disc follows the standard Oysters mold, which is always very good, with high quality material like "Here Comes the Flood," which takes acid swipes at consumerism and exploitation, it also throws up several curveballs. "Control" works around a very hyper funk bassline, "Someone Somewhere" has a curious, jagged little banjo part as its foundation, while the closer, "Dancing as Fast as I Can" comes close to an epic feeling, employing a choir behind the band. There are plenty of delicious touches that surprise, like the mbira on "Over the Water," and lyrically this is a group that never disappoints. The good thing is that there's not an ounce of complacency in this album. Instead there's meat and passion, and the sound of a band that hasn't lost its edge, even more than 20 years into its career. They remain as vital as ever, and this is yet another triumph for them.