Marc-André Hamelin

Medtner: Forgotten Melodies I, II

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Can't get enough of that Russian stuff? Got to have more of that late-Romantic Rachmaninov? Need to know more than that arch-sensualist Scriabin? Then Nikolay Medtner is your man, Marc-André Hamelin is your pianist, and this disc (Forgotten Melodies) is your recording. Big-hearted themes? Medtner's got them -- along with sweet harmonies, lush textures, irresistible rhythms, and more virtuosity than you can shake a Horowitz at. Super-duper technique? Hamelin's got it -- along with staggering dexterity, stunning strength, stupendous control, and more stamina than a boatload of Richters. Unforgettable melodies? Despite the title of Forgotten Melodies, it is stuffed with them -- along with charming forms, seductive shapes, beguiling colors, and more fun than a barrel full of Gavrilovs. Less gloomy than Rachmaninov and less obsessive than Scriabin, Medtner's Forgotten Melodies are just the thing for an evening back at the dacha with the samovar steaming and the mood half past Chekhov. Hyperion's sound is rich, full, deep, warm, and as real as the smell of rosebuds in June.

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Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Forgotten Melodies (Vergessene Weisen) (8) for piano Volume 1, Op. 38
1 16:05 Amazon
2 02:57 Amazon
3 04:47 Amazon
4 02:40 Amazon
5 02:01 Amazon
6 04:18 Amazon
7 03:40 Amazon
8 02:55 Amazon
Forgotten Melodies (Vergessene Weisen) (5) for piano Volume 2, Op. 39
9 04:46 Amazon
10 04:19 Amazon
11 03:31 Amazon
12 04:34 Amazon
13 09:08 Amazon
Fairy Tales (Märchen) (2) for piano, Op. 8
14 03:10 Amazon
15 05:59 Amazon
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