Frayser Boy

Me Being Me

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For everyone but the Dirtiest Southern thug, Frayser Boy is limited, B-list material. You've heard it all before. The usual "thugging and make paper," the "my rims are bigger than yours," and "they said I wouldn't make it, but look at me now" stuff fills Me Being Me, a honest title if there ever was one. Listening to the album is probably an experience pretty close to just hanging out with Frayser Boy, and since he keeps it real in a less ambitious way than his Three 6 Mafia brothers, this is a good thing. Rolling-on-the-weekend track follows life-on-my-block-is-hard track and so on, but a couple all the way live singles break this pattern and lift the album from good to real good. Its mixtape intro is left on for some reason, but "I Got Dat Drank" is the proper crunk reason to check the set, and with Paul Wall and Mike Jones as guests, the track is about 2005 gutter-club as you can get. "Seen Thangs" is a reflective number that shows Frayser Boy can bring the thoughtful, and you could fool most people into believing the great "I'm a Problem" is a David Banner track. It's a criticism that gets thrown at them all of the time, but DJ Paul and Juicy J's production here shows no signs that they've run out of ideas or are spreading themselves too thin. They keep it simple, just like Frayser, and avoid all the over-ambitious stumbling blocks the Three 6 always seem to be tripping over. No one will become a fan of Dirty South baller music because of Me Being Me, but the already converted are going to appreciate how it kicks it gutter and ghetto with no concern for what's pop or what's poppin'.

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