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MDFMK Review

by John Bush

Just less than a year after KMFDM called it quits, frontmen Sascha Konietzko and Tim Skold moved from TVT to Universal and changed their name to MDFMK. (TVT executives are undoubtedly still attempting to trace their whereabouts.) This self-titled work doesn't quite qualify as a change of direction, however, begging the question of whether the change of venue is due more to artistic control or finances than music. MDFMK charts the same breakbeat industrial-thrash that has long been a staple of any KMFDM album, complete with ranting vocals, aggressive songwriting, heavy-metal chords that sound vaguely familiar, and solid programming that reveals a surprising pop sense. There are a few concessions to technology, including groovier basslines and digital production. Though the songs aren't very strong and the vocals are a bit melodramatic, KMFDM fans will simply be glad to get another album out of the act.

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