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Haujobb's delicate and complicated flavor of electro has been loaned to many other artists in the remix scene, and Matrix is the release that returns the favor. Matrix compiles the highlights of Solutions for a Small Planet in new and different forms, as other electro and industrial artists bring a range of flavors to the material. The outcomes vary in style. Many of the mixes are rearrangements created by haujobb, as much reinterpretations of album versions as new musical ideas. The kinds and rates of change are not static. In some tracks all that remains are a few original musical elements, as the structure of the track is torn down and redigitized, such as the forced fit of quiet breakbeat in "Advanced Deviation." At the other end of the scale, "The Farthest Distance" seems closer to the source, perhaps an alternate contender for the album cut that somehow didn't quite make it. The bookend tracks, which are not remixed, provide good insights into the more quiet haujobb moments of subtle sounds layered against delicate noise. For haujobb fans, this material is all good.

Other contributing remixers include individual members of other acts such as Covenant, Forma Tadre, Steril, and Czech. Each of these acts brings their own distinct vision to the neon haujobb aural cityscape. In each case, enough of the original remains to show the musical legacy, but moves into a new territory, some of them (notably the crunchy noise-beauty of "Sub Unit One" by Czech's Gregcore) eclipsing the impact of the original in an entirely unique way. The rest are interesting explorations, well worth a listen.

Matrix unquestionably owes its existence to the wide musical range of Solutions for a Small Planet, augmented in turn by a new host of ideas and voices from other acts. The flavor of this period of haujobb's music holds true enough for this to serve as a reasonable introduction to the artists as well, a rare accomplishment for a remix release. All this makes Matrix a release that stands equal to its lofty progenitor, rather than beneath it. The bonus treat for musicians: a second sample CD containing the synth voices used in the production, some to appear on later releases by artists such as Beefcake.

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