The Beatles

March 5, 1963

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We're talking extreme here: the entirety of the Beatles' session at EMI Studios on the date of the title, which was geared toward recording their third single. You get 13 takes of "From Me to You," and 12 of "Thank You Girl," and 6 of "The One After 909" (the last of which didn't make the single, and in fact was mothballed until the group recorded an entirely separate version for Let It Be). Not for casual fans, or even most Beatle enthusiasts, but if you've ever wished you could have been in Mark Lewisohn's place when he heard session tapes for his landmark The Beatles Recording Sessions study, this is your opportunity, in perfect fidelity. It actually does hold considerable interest for the Beatle scholar, with its rare up-close-and-personal view of songs taking shape over the course of many arrangements and discarded takes. The CD includes the neat bonus of all 15 songs from their legendary Decca audition tape, though that has often been bootlegged elsewhere.