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Mannibalector Review

by David Jeffries

With Mannibalector, horrorcore rapper Brotha Lynch Hung brings his trilogy of serial killer-inspired concept albums to a close, and while that sounds limited and niche, this narrow monster debuted at number 67 on the Billboard 200 chart, so negative fascination just might be rampant. Or, it just might be that Hung is a craftsman, kicking off this horror movie on wax with a TV news report that gives up the back-story and then goes full Hollywood, joining skits, numerous sound effects, and a relentless, blockbuster pace, all making this an album worth avoiding if it's dark. Leave a light on as the rapper goes inside the killer's mind during "Krocadil" and kicks skeletons out of closets at a breakneck Twista pace, then hide the kids when "Something About Susan" comes round, because it's brutal and more "adults only" ("She let me put the Ruger up in the anal") than any of those Jason or Freddie flicks. While it hurts to laugh, the mixing of hip-hop history and wit ("I ate his insides out, nobody knew what happened/I ran down the avenue, all red like Mack 10") gives up a sick joke to cherish during "Can I Have a Napkin?," or if ICP-sized displays of theatrics and gore are what's required, there's "Stabbed," with Tech N9ne and Hopsin waving their knives at the very idea of subtlety. Slight spoiler alert: there's a swerve at the end that should have fans of the trilogy talking for hours, and while this is the big payoff delivered in a suitably flashy and foul body bag, don't start here, because that's cheating. Check Dinner and a Movie and Coathanga Strangla before taking on this wild and wicked finish.

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1 Brotha Lynch Hung 00:46 Amazon
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Brotha Lynch Hung 04:51 Amazon
5 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:19 Amazon
6 Brotha Lynch Hung 00:20 Amazon
7 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:44 Amazon
8 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:23 Amazon
9 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:46 Amazon
10 Brotha Lynch Hung 01:26 Amazon
11 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:32 Amazon
12 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:49 Amazon
13 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:52 Amazon
14 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:11 Amazon
15 Brotha Lynch Hung 01:54 Amazon
16 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:02 Amazon
17 Brotha Lynch Hung 03:52 Amazon
18 Brotha Lynch Hung 00:24 Amazon
19 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:43 Amazon
20 Brotha Lynch Hung 04:51 Amazon
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