Banda de Turistas

Magical Radiophonic Heart

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Banda de Turistas ("Band of Tourists") are a group of young Argentinians with a strong affinity for '60s and early-'70s sounds, particularly bubblegum and psychedelic garage pop. Their songs ride a drifting groove, propelled by throbbing basslines that occasionally head toward disco ("Lo Comandas") but just as frequently ("Días de Prosperidad," "La Máquina Favorita") jangle along in a post-Beatles trance of infectious happiness. Indeed, the Beatle-isms on "El Rogadero" are particularly overt; it's basically a "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" pastiche, melodically speaking. Their music is almost totally non-aggressive, lilting along in a kind of placid, dreamlike trance. The guitars are rarely distorted, save for the occasional tastefully fuzzy solo, the analog synths hum and drone in the background, and the drums have a cardboard-box thump that keeps them from drawing attention to themselves (or making the rhythm too propulsive -- dancing's a good way to mess up your perfectly styled vintage clothes, after all). There are a few songs that move beyond the '60s fetishism in interesting ways -- "Nadie Sabe Bien" has an almost trip-hop rhythm, though the vocals are still crooned in a way that's pure AM radio. This is a very enjoyable album that offers all the cheery fun of '60s pop without the anarchic edge heard in the work of the garage bands on the Nuggets compilations. Occasionally, there's some hint that they're doing at least some of it ironically -- the synth line on "Toda la Mente" could have come from Devo circa 1980 -- but overall, the impression is that these guys are sincerely siding with guitar-based pop over that sweaty, nasty rock & roll. Listeners who want an album that's the equivalent of sun filtering through gauzy curtains on a warm spring day will find this album just about perfect.

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