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Magic of Indian Flute, Vol. 2

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The Indian flute that is meant in the title is not the bansuri flute of India nor the reed flute of the North American tribes, but the several flutes indigenous to the Andes. Three groups are represented on the disc: Ukamau Amerindia, Joel and Cedric Perri, and Solis/Salas/Carcamo, which has just one cut. All the pieces are instrumental. Ukamau typically features a deep, breathy flute, a charango (a mandolin-like guitar made from an armadillo shell), and drums. The Perris typically feature a higher flute with a thinner sound, a standard guitar, and drums. Solis features both a guitar and a charango and a flute about midway between the other two, plus drums. So there is a pleasing variety of sounds.

Ukamau starts the album off with a number called "Cambacuna/Carnavalito" that is more propulsive than the typical Andean piece; it is quite enjoyable. The Perris weren't as enjoyable as Ukamau, but they could be quite pleasant, as on "El Canto de Mi Kena (The Song of My Flute)," which combines a thoughtful tune with a pleasant walking rhythm. Ukamau, on the track entitled "Huichu Pampa," does an incredibly atmospheric harmonizing of three flutes, accompanied only by the drum. Otherwise, there's nothing exceptional here, but as a bargain disc it would be a good place to start to see if you like Andean music.