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Magic Bus Tracks

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From June until August of 2002, artists from Warp Records traveled across Europe, presenting to the world their latest musical and multimedia creations. The tour saw the artists collaborating and causing general havoc from the confines of a huge, state-of-the-art silver bus. Magic Bus Tracks is the limited-edition album commemorating the Ken Kesey meets Magical Mystery Tour-inspired festivities. Seemingly invigorated by the spirit of camaraderie, the participants are at the top of their respective games on the tracks compiled here. Luke Vibert's gloriously bouncy "Countdown" is a smartly arranged miasma of sonic textures. Richard Devine's "Mov Macros 7" is a thunderstorm of dark tones. "Simple" sounds like Mira Calix tossed Curve samples into a 30th century blender. Plaid's "Quickemit" is more of the gorgeous, complex techno for which the duo is known. Chris Clark's furious "Spinning Spines" assembles maddening slices of classic industrial noir in creating an atmosphere of dread and sweaty tension. A funny, spooky video for Plaid's "Itsu" sees director Pleix blending computer graphics and live-action video into a cautionary tale about corporate greed, office worker lust, and pet pigs. Magic Bus Tracks shows the reciprocal dedication and trust between Warp and its roster of artists.