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Madan Review

by Alvaro Neder

The debut album from the singer/composer Madan features poems by several authors. A subtle work that ignores all rules of pop production, Madan aims for personal expression, taking away all drum machines, samplers, and even the traditional band, preferring to work with acoustic guitars, occasional flute, and light percussion. The first track of note is "Mundo Livre," with participation of the poet Haroldo de Campos, who reads his poem and creates an interesting sonority over the musical rendition. When one begins to think that the album is too slow and soft, the little masterpiece "Passa pra Dentro, Menina!" enters the picture with its folkloric sound of "the festas do Divino," its flutes, and its juicy percussion. "NĂºmeros" is a sympathetic and humorous poem about numbers, and features a happy samba treatment with a somewhat weak melody. One can't avoid talking about "Frei Tito," the strong ode by Frei Betto about the 28-year old religious man who was tortured by military dictatorship and committed suicide four years later. But this is a music album, and it was supposed to feature music, and the sound for this poem is also very weak. The album is more turned toward the poetic side, and music is the background. Madan's second album, A Opera do Rinoceronte, has richer and stronger melodies.

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