Yuichi Nakamura

Macross Frontier Drama

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As with many of the more popular anime series available on Japanese television, Macross gained enough of a fan following to prompt content beyond that available on TV or in the associated mangas. So, like other series, they relented and created a series of Drama CDs, albums of voice-overs and sound effects carrying some additional elements of plot, humor, and drama. Macross Frontier Drama is the first of these, experimenting a bit with the form. The album covers material from the meeting of Alto and Sky (two of the main characters) through Cheryl's first appearances and into the meeting of Alto and Brera. For hardcore fans of the show, the additional material should be highly welcomed. Newcomers or those looking for music (especially those looking for the divine music that Yoko Kanno put together for the Macross series) should look elsewhere, however.