M 7


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M 7 Review

by Jason Birchmeier

The sounds of M 7 prove a fitting conclusion to the popular series of records by Maurizio, as each release has become increasingly minimal. On M 7, Maurizio takes this application of minimalism about as far as it can possibly go. Every one of the few sounds used for this record sounds muted, faded, and decayed. The bass-driven rhythm of each version thumps hard and deep, but each is also more felt than heard due to the sub-frequency levels. The endlessly looping monotone rhythms are complemented with a juxtaposing high-hat percussive rhythm that taps gently in step with the bassline flowing deeply underneath it. Once again, Maurizio employs a subtle riff that phases and modulates as if it was being transmitted from a distant source; it seems echoed, muted, and weak. As distant and decayed as the sounds are, though, there is a surreal beauty that remains.