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To date, this is still one of Orbital's finest singles, taken from their early concept album Orbital 2, aka "The Brown Album." "Lush" is a remarkable signature piece for the Hartnol brothers -- one that shuffles and edges itself ever-forward with clean, Kraftwerk-style precision, laser beam sequencers, and a rhythm track that denies you any hope of staying seated. The track's contagious nature spreads as richly as the thick grass on the CD cover, further elaborated upon by three other electronica acts, respectable in their own right. The first remix comes from Underworld, who construct a piece of truly epic proportions, over 12 minutes in length; it's a cathedral of techno, a stadium of sequencers, a walk-in closet full of drum machines, loops, samples, counter-melodies, and bursts of light. It is equal parts ambitious and successful, and a solid showcase for the band (a little trivia: Underworld used parts of this mix again the following year for one of their own songs, "Cowgirl (Winjer Mix)," on their extended single Dirty Epic / Cowgirl). So, after Orbital's sweat dries from "Lush 3-3," the Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia have a go at it with a much more subdued approach; it's like a late-night drive through the dark streets of Detroit. This dry study in house trance varies little in scope, considering the ten-plus minutes devoted to it. It's sort of a one-note samba compared to Underworld's symphony, and outstays it's welcome halfway through. Get up, stretch a bit, have a sandwich or something, but absolutely be back in time for the adrenaline rush closing mix delivered by C.J. Bolland, who spectacularly recovers the dynamics and energy of this EP by upping the tempo and introducing rich, breathy chords to this storm of dance club history. Not to be missed.

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