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Lullaby, Lullaby

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AllMusic Review by Stephen Cramer

Eighty North Records recruited 22 of indie pop's finest and most progressive acts for the Lullaby, Lullaby compilation in 2001. Opening with the rich beats of I Am the World Trade Center, what unfolds is a collection focused on eclectic variety. Early highlights on the disc include the lo-fi precision of Dear Nora's "Round n' Round," the Casio-laced gentle beauty of "I Knew You Knew" by the Love Letter Band, and Jen Turrell's piano-based "Pink-Edged Bright." The Vehicle Flips and Mirah contribute two of the most startling tracks on the disc, and the Microphones appear with the acoustic "Listen Close." Phil Elvrum of the Microphones also designed the album artwork for Lullaby, Lullaby. The Album Leaf donated the instrumental "In Between Lines," while the low-key charm of Park's "Red Coat Charmer" adds another element to the unique compilation. The Galactic Heroes chime in with the playful "Dale" and Wolf Colonel appears with the lively and acoustic "Fashionably Left Behind." The only artist to appear twice on the disc, Dennis Driscoll, ends the disc with the title track, a subtle and low-key lullaby. The album of lullabies was truly one of the most carefully conceived and beautifully executed compilations of the year, if not the last decade.