We're Breaking Up

Love Distance Endless Endless

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We're Breaking Up is the name electronicist Michael Rodgers has chosen for his solo venture. Though from the title of the disc one is led to believe the name has to do with romantic dysfunctions, the music itself brings up the possibility of technological interference patterns in communications. Broken up into six rather arbitrarily defined tracks, Love Distance Endless Endless is essentially one piece, a somewhat pared down but solid and subtly propulsive work that integrates turbine-like throbs with piles of howlings, scratches, and other ephemera into a visceral, exciting whole. A visual analogy might be film from a low-flying helicopter racing over a varied landscape, the details rushing by torrentially, only allowing the briefest impression to settle on the memory before being replaced. When, during the fourth track, an evocation of Hendrix-ian guitar is heard for a moment, it quickly dissolves into a furiously boiling cauldron of noise, as though one had his head suddenly dipped into an aircraft engine, only to end, ever so briefly, with what sounds like a power chord from a pipe organ. Oddly enough, the lengthy fifth cut summons a little bit of early Eno at its onset, though using a grittier vernacular and developing in ways Eno would likely never envisage. Underneath all the abstraction, there's generally enough of a pulse, often only vaguely implied, to tenuously connect this music with the furthest shores of improvisatory rock, but Rodgers appears to be branching into territory tangentially similar to that explored by musicians like Olivia Block. It's a very fine recording, criticizable only in its brevity. Recommended.

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