Love Changes

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Although this Atlanta-based label has released its share of heinous freak-out noise projects and side music projects by so-called "outsider" artists, this is a rock recording -- rock as in psychedelic and folk-rock. The name of this group and compact disc are the result of toying with the name of a classic band in these genres and one of their better albums, a reference that also has slightly influenced the project's cover art. To establish a comparison with the West Coast band Love and their album Forever Changes is either brave or foolhardy, depending on one's aesthetic philosophy. Love was certainly one of the great bands to perform a combination of folk-rock and psychedelia in the '60s and '70s, and the aforementioned album is one of the band's finest achievements. Thus the Forever ensemble embarks from a point of desperation, forcing comparison on a level quite impossible for any young band to achieve. Were the project conceptually outside the type of music Love created, this comparison would not be even necessary, but as it is, this is quite similar music, complete with extremely melodic hooks, light jazz influences such as flute noodling, and the forceful drumming that made some of Love's records almost sound like an early example of punk. The bandmembers play with an almost too-correct skill -- guitars are more in tune here than on the Love albums, not an example of progress by any means. Vocals are sung well enough, with the articulation of featured vocalist Sunni McGarrity even reminiscent of Arthur Lee at times.