The Queers

Love Ain't Punk

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AllMusic Review by Mike DaRonco

Quite a stretch for both of these bands to share a split record together. Aside from the geographical similiaries and uppity mood that The Queers and Sinkhole represent, that's about it when it comes to what they have in common. Sinkhole are full on when it comes to cheery, energetic pop-punk; sort of like the Descendants if Milo had a higher voice. All this and a GG Allen cover of "I Need Adventure." As for The Queers' side, well in all honesty, it's pretty worthless. Two throw away live songs that can be found elsewhere and even in better condition -there's already a live version of "Rockaway Beach" on "Suck This Live" for crying out loud! Still, all the kiddies will eat this up because of the fact that it's a Queers record. Amen to the title of this record though!