L.K.A. Sonar Kit

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By the end of the 1990s, the post-industrial outfit Cranioclast was popping their head up from under the underground less and less often. L.K.A. Sonar Kit is one of their rare releases from that period, although it is uncertain if it should be considered genuine Cranioclast material. The liner notes state that it was "constructed by Clair St. Anoc and Anatol Skrik under licence of Mr. Coitra and his clan" -- a statement leaving room for speculation. Nevertheless, this beautiful 7" picture-disc EP makes a very nice addition to their discography. The music moves further away from the rough edges of the project's initial industrial-meets-musique concrète aesthetic. "De Zeester" pairs a sitar line with low drones and echoing voices, creating a dreamy alternate reality not unlike latter-day zoviet*france. "The Anemone" opens with a piano motif before another voice (as if coming from the speaker of an airport hall infiltrating the reverie of a waiting passenger) and lo-fi analog electronics join in -- superbly strange and ambient. First released in May 2000 in a limited edition of 250, it has since been reissued.