Living in a Moon So Blue


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Living in a Moon So Blue Review

by Skip Jansen

Originally released in 1982 on Jandek's Corwood Industries label, this is one of three albums he released in that year, and the CD reissue series initiated in 2000 seems intent on bringing all of his rare albums back into existence. Many Jandek collectors believe Living in a Moon So Blue to be the apex of his extensive catalog, which clocked in at 30 albums at the turn of the millennium. While this certainly rates highly in the Texas artist's bizarre universe, it must be said that there is little else on which to measure it. While his albums may have great variation in style, they are all inimitably Jandek. His music can often sound like the paranoid rantings of a lunatic, and to many could be considered an unlistenable indulgence of undeveloped and messy ideas; to others, this could be the prophecy of a genius unheralded, whose work sat tentatively on the extreme fringes of avant-garde music throughout the '80s. Regardless of disparate opinion, Living in a Moon So Blue displays an emotional power not often heard on record and, if Jandek's seemingly improvised stream-of-consciousness music does not send shivers down the spine, it will certainly provoke confusion or joy in those interested in outsider art. From the Shaggs and Roky Erickson through to Captain Beefheart, it would be hard to find a stranger recording than any given Jandek album. Notably, our mysterious recluse is particularly furious on this record, giving his usual mournful whisper up, favoring an agitated punk shout over his frantic detuned strumming.

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