Livin La Vida Loco

The Drunken Cholos

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Livin La Vida Loco Review

by Jack Rabid

As this is the originals Queers lineup -- Wimpy, Tulu, and Joe Queer -- you know what to expect: short, sharp, raspy punk rock that sounds a lot like the early-'80s Angry Samoans or sped-up, first-LP Ramones, with throwback comic-offensive lyrics. Like South Park times ten, it's juvenile -- funny if you have a high threshold of being able to laugh at highly personal sexual and sexual-orientation spoofs. It's crude, oh boy it is: "I Didn't Jerk" includes such Nobel-quality poetry as, "I didn't jerk, passed out instead/Magazine lying by my head," while "I Spear the Rear" will make gays either incensed or fall over laughing, or both. And what to make of "There's a faggot in the family/Don't know what to do/If grandma only knew"? Well, what did you expect with names like the Queers and the Drunken Cholos? Political correctness, no. It all depends on if you can laugh at blatantly offensive, puerile comedy of this sort, or if, as reasonably, you'll just be offended. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde's view on art, it's either funny or loathsome, or nothing else.

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