Live in a Hiding Place [CD #2]

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If you've already digested part one of this single, with its hot version of Gang of Four's classic "I Found That Essence Rare," there's another brilliant cover here of "Live in a Hiding Place" (the better of the two if you can afford only one) off Teenage Fanclub's early defining 1989 anthem, "Everything Flows" -- with the Fannies' own Norman Blake roped in to sing backing vocals, in a fine show of Scottish respect for elders. Less loose and more hammering, Idlewild's more drum-smacking heavy conception takes the Neil Young-ish song and adds some punky bulk, much as Velvet Crush took it in the opposite direction (the power pop side) on their version recorded right after TFC's original. That leaves the lone new offering spread on these two-single versions of this new single, "Great Time Wasted," as yet another one that could easily have made the LP! (Maybe The Remote Part should have been a double LP, since they had nine songs of such greatness left over!) It's a careening fast waltz with Catherine Wheel-like lead guitars in the choruses, pretty piano, and tom-pounding verses. Yes! And just for an extra treat, a video of the A-side is tacked on, the bandmembers looking young and sweet, belying the tremendous energy they unload on song after song, on-stage and in the studio.