Jimi Hendrix

Live Experience

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This bootleg LP was reissued several times in the 1970s. First it came out as Goodbye Jimi on White Cover Folks (WCF) and Kustom, then as Broadcasts on Trademark of Quality and as Live Experience on Berkeley and Dittoline. The version of Live Experience reviewed here might have come from Trademark of Quality, although some collectors allege that another bootlegger simply stole the Trademark logo when it reissued the album. That wouldn't be surprising, for bootleggers have often been known to bootleg one another. At any rate, Live Experience is an interesting collection of odds and ends from 1967 and 1968. The LP ranges from BBC broadcasts of "Foxy Lady," "Little Miss Lover," "Stone Free," and Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog" in 1967-68 to television performances of "Hey Joe" and "Sunshine of Your Love" in 1968. While Hendrix's performances are generally fine, the sound quality varies considerably, ranging from decent to lousy. Unfortunately, Trademark of Quality -- or perhaps a different bootlegger pretending to be Trademark -- simply lists the songs without telling you when or where they were recorded. Other versions of this bootleg told you what you needed to know, but this one isn't nearly as informative. All things considered, this version of Live Experience is a good example of "let the buyer beware," but obsessive collectors will probably take the plunge anyway.